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[EU][dutch/english] player lf team

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Hi guys,

Because my friends don't like the game that much as i do, i'm looking for a (skilled) team.

Some information about me:

I'm 26 years old. Living in the Netherlands. 

Speaking dutch and english.

Played loads of cod2 and cod4. (also was nr.1 Clanbase CoD World At War, but almost nobody played the game :P)

Played Battalion since alpha 0.5 ( i believe)

I think i''m a skilled player.

I prefer to play rifle and heavy classes.

I'm available monday-friday after 7 GMT+1 and weekends when i'm awake till i go to bed :) (sometimes i'm unavailable if i need to go away with my GF or have other commitments)


What am i looking for:

-People the same skill like me and wants to improve

-Dutch speaking team would be my first option (Non-ragers/whiners, so don't be that dutch guy lol)

-English speaking team

-Team that want's to compete in tournaments(like blitzkrieg battle) and ladders(when they are alive)

-Team that does proper tactics

-Guys that are mature and non-ragers and calling everyone a hacker :) 

Lannable? Depends on the costs of the travel and my work schedule :) 

Contact me via steam please;





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Cant remember the name really, long time ago, game died after 2 months of promod/comppod..

but players were; me, bryan, snonk(or stronk) and some belgium guy

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