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  Before the latest update we could run a max of 8 players on our server. 8 was fine. Now the server crashes with 8 players. Can't even run more than a couple maps in a row.                                                   Also when it loads a new map, it hangs on waiting for more players even though we have 6 players. The player count is set for 2 to start match. Start type is set for player count. This worked ok before update. I have to run the command to change to next map to continue.           

 Clan members are still experiencing crashes trying to enter game. One member has 7 or 8 crashes while to trying to get in game. This happens to him every map change. Poor guy gets into match 5 minutes after everyone else.                                                                        

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17 minutes ago, Amigaman said:

Bet you right. I have Gameservers looking into that now.

Your provider cant do anything about this. This is a game bug

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