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4:3 vs 16:9

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is a problem with this game !

devs lock fov at 105........but for all resolutions ! is not a good way....................

do you understand ,

the more the resolution is extended , image is zommed
the worst is in surround , 16:3 , fov 105 correspond + or - to 55 / 60 in 16:9 !!!!!! 

 4:3 ------fov 105 

16:9------fov 105 large but little zoomed

21:9-----fov105  more large one more zoomed !

16:3-------fov 105 unplayable much more zoom ( 55 or 60 16:9.......tested! )

devs say : "

it's a communotary game , more fov nobody should have any benefict...ect...."
except that in this case: if someone plays in 4: 3 or 16:9 fov 105 it is privileged by contribution to another person on a screen 21: 9!
certe the vision is somewhat enlarged, but the zoom increases




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