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Soldat Ryan

Wrong ping in server browser and server not displayed on external server browser

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What's wrong with new version ?

Version : 11804
OS : windows
Port open : 7777-7780 (TCP and UDP) - same result with firewall off.

Server is displayed on server browser but with a 999 ping

An other server is displaying the same ping.

Ping on server is corretly displayed  :


Server is displayed on custom server browser :


But it is dead on https://www.btl44.com


or gametracker :


worked correlty with previous version of server files (on windows).


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No need to post all the same data as Soldat Ryan, both 509th servers appear in the browser the same way,  999.  I noticed that upon initially finding my servers in the game browser, they showed a ping of 0.  Then the ping would just jump right to 999.  No problem connecting, through the browser or Direct.

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