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Hello my name is Dyddi and im 28 years old, i played cod4 since 2007 and in many Leagues.

cb top 10 Team

EAS#1 with prediction gaming

EAS#3 with Tba

i was on many eu lans and played in all teams as scope.

was in preinvite IRC and played 2 times EMS qualification for Austria

i search a team for main scope

im 5days minimum online

my steamlink: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198257634298/

i want play on top with a team and not a j4f multigaming Clan for j4f hobby gamers ;D


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Used to play with this guy on Battalion..

Very good scope player. Knows what he is doing. 

Pick this guy up if your looking for a decent scope player! (he's also good with default lol)

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