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New Console Tiers! First Developer Twitch Stream & AMA!

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The response to our stretch goal launch has been hugely positive, with many of you spreading the word about the campaign and many of you raising your pledges to help us reach our stretch goals. We’ve already smashed our £250,000 goal meaning we’ll be able to work on and implement enhanced particle effects. With the budget we’ve raised so far we’ll be able to mould Battalion 1944 into a shooter that challenges the current monotony of modern military shooters. We’re currently sitting at a whopping £265,309 which is only £10k away from reaching our next goal.


We’ve been reading all your feedback and comments and we are taking on board everything being said. We’re on track to reach our next £275,000 goal of the Band of Brothers inspired ‘Currahee Training Map’ which will allow players to practice weapon mechanics, grenade arcs and player movement before they start fragging online.

To celebrate (and also respond to some of our common feedback regarding the console tiers) we’re adding 5 new rewards specifically for our console backers. We’re adding a Double Deluxe Rifleman tier, allowing for backers to receive both a Standard Early Access Steam key as well as a full copy of the game on the console of your choice as well as expanding our 5-man and 10-man platoon pack deals to console backers.

Here’s a breakdown of the new Double Deluxe Rifleman Tier which many of you had requested:


And here’s the breakdown of our brand new Console Platoon Packs, which now allow teams of console players to access the Alpha/Beta on the PC as well as receive full console copies on launch:

Click Here!


Another reason to celebrate is that we can officially announce that on Monday 29th February at 8pm UK time (20:00 GMT) we’ll be hosting our first development stream Q&A on Twitch! On that Monday we’ll have 2 days remaining on the campaign, so you’ll be able to ask any nagging questions directly to us if you were on the edge of pledging toward the campaign and we’ll answer as many as we possibly can.

This will be the first time the community will get to meet our brand new community manager, who will be hosting the Twitch stream alongside Battalion 1944’s executive producer; Joe Brammer. We’re also planning on hosting some really cool giveaways for those who tune in and join the conversation. This will be the first of many development streams we plan on hosting to talk directly with the community.

You can follow the Bulkhead Interactive Twitch account here: http://www.twitch.tv/bulkheadinteractive/


We’re also working on getting our PayPal and online store situation sorted, so thank you for your patience with that. We’re working with HMRC and our accounting/legal team to find the best way to setup a PayPal system that maximises the funds we receive from you pledges that can go towards the development of Battalion rather than tax and processing fees that come with processing large transactions. The most likely situation is we’ll allow people to pledge via PayPal for a short period of time, a short while after the campaign is over. We have no dates for when our PayPal system will arrive but I can assure you we are actively working on a solution, so don’t worry about missing out!

We thought we'd also take the time to share a few more screens from our latest Final Sprint update for your viewing pleasure:






That's it for today's update! Back, share, increase pledges, and keep pushing Battalion. This is the final sprint!

- Bulkhead Interactive



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