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Why we're waiting for stretch goals.

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Hey guys, I wanted to address something that a lot of you are waiting for. The stretch goals and the reason we've been holding off on them.

Most games, announce a kickstarter, some with stretch goals already up and some release them as soon as they hit their funding goal.

So why are the stretch goals this late on?

Because we wanted to know what you wanted to see. We've been harping on for weeks about how we're putting the community first and how we're in this together. We had a golden opportunity to show you all that we listen to YOU, discuss your ideas internally, then implement the request's you guys make. Now our team has been working day and night to produce these kickstarter stretch goals. When I say produce, I mean in 17 days we have added entirely new features to the game to show you, we haven't just "said" we'll do it.

We've gone and done it.

Some of the things we had already planned, but some of them we've gone away and designed them. We want you to see what you're buying, we want you to see why you should raise your pledge. We want you to know how much we as a team and I personally care about this community having a voice. So in the coming days when we announce our stretch goals. We're going to have a sprint to the finish line. The last few days of this kickstarter need to be huge, we need to push, tweet, share, back, like, pledge, raise, and show all the support we can for this game, we're all so proud to be a part of.

My Opinion

"Our team is the best independent studio to make this game. We're strong, focused, and decisive. I believe in my team and through this kickstarter we're not only asking you to give us your financial support, but your trust as well"

Trust the developers

We are being as open as we possibly can be. Post kickstarter we'll be showing you inside our studio with live streams, fly on the wall meetings, open community & developer discussions, and eventually play tests. However, there will be times where we need the community to look at what we are doing and trust us, keep pushing the game, and have faith.

Take a step back

When we look at what has actually happened, we announced a game less than 3 weeks ago. This is only the beginning, we need to stick together and trust that together we will be able to make the game we all want to play.

Thanks for reading, you think you're excited about the stretch goals? Imagine how we feel! We're buzzing!


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