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Rifles Only Server Setup - How To

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Hi all. I'm sure some of you are interested in getting a rifles only server setup like I was. It took me some time to get things working, but I think I have things working fairly well and things can be tweaked as I go. I've provided this guide to help others setup their servers for rifles only as well.

This guide is a work in progress, so if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me directly and I will get the guide updated:

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/reverence12389/

Discord: Reverence#3510

*This was done using a GameServers.com server, so your file locations and FTP access might be different and specific to your game server host

If you want to see how the sample works, it is currently running on my server:



Last Updated: 2/18/2018 at 1:20pm EST

What Does This Guide Help With?

 This will help to make your Battalion 1944 server rifles only; meaning players can only use pistols, nades, smokes, and the following rifles:

  • M1 Garand
  • Springfield
  • KAR 98
  • KAR 98 Scoped

What is required?

  • Dedicated Server setup
  • FTP access to game files

The Steps

Essentially all that is required is editing the loadout .json files located in the game directory (which is why you'll need FTP access). Each game mode has its own loadout .json file that controls the weapons that can be selected, so you only have to follow the steps for the game modes you want to play rifles only on for your server.

I recommend taking backups of all server files you are editing before you make any changes, that way you can roll back to them if needed.

  1. Connect to your server via FTP
  2. Locate the "Battalion" folder and then navigate to: /Battalion/Loadouts 
    1. FTPLocation.png.037ff88b39928a860cd103069ecbe76b.png
    2. By default, you will only see the files named *Deck0.json, all the ones ending in Rifles are the ones I added. The game type (BOMB, CTF, DOM, TDM, etc.) prefaced in the JSON file are the game types the loadout is associated to
  3. Copy the loadout file for the game type you want (for example: TDMDeck0.json) and rename it to be something else (for example: TDMDeckRifles.json)
  4. Now you can edit the files to limit it to only the classes that you wanted selected. Open the copied file and make the following changes. If you are familiar with JSON, then you should have no problem following the instructions. If you aren't comfortable with JSON, simply skip the following sub-steps and just use the files attached and put them in your Loadout folder:
      1. BOMBDeckRifles.json
      2. CTFDeckRifles.json
      3. DOMDeckRifles.json
      4. TDMDeckRifles.json
      5. UnrankedBOMBDeckRifles.json
    2. IF NOT, HERE ARE THE STEPS TO EDIT THE loadout json files.
      1. In the ClassCards array remove all of the objects (surrounded by {}) in the array that you don't want players to be able to use until only the Rifle and Marksman are left.
        1. So you should end up with only 6 objects after you remove the non-rifle ones: TDM_UsaClass0, TDM_UsaClass4, TDM_UsaBackupClass, TDM_GerClass0, TDM_GerClass4, TDM_GerBackupClass
          1. NOTE: This will need to be done with all loadouts you want to limit for each game mode and cannot just be copied and pasted because you'll notice each class object is prefaced with the game type name (ie: TDM, CTF, etc.)
        2. Next within the CardDecks Array, edit the object and update the UniqueName property to be whatever you called the file (ie: TDMDeckRifles") and update the display name to be whatever you want; might want to include that indication that it is rifles
        3. Also in the CardDecks array, in the Cards subarray you'll want to remove any of the classes you removed from step one above, so only the the classes you want to be able to be used remain in the card deck to be selected. Also, set their number of cards to be 0, so an unlimited number can be selected. For example, here is now the cards array would look for TDM:
          1.             "Cards": [
                            {"TDM_UsaClass0": 0}, 
                            {"TDM_UsaClass4": 0}, 
                            {"TDM_UsaBackupClass": 0},
                            {"TDM_GerClass0": 0},
                            {"TDM_GerClass4": 0},
                            {"TDM_GerBackupClass": 0}
  5. Locate your server config (DefaultGame.ini) in your root directory
    1. DefaultGameLocation.png.98e41eea8bae0f7d63f8fdfe4d0abda9.png
  6. After you edit the loadout files and put them in the Loadouts directory, the next thing to do is update your server config (DefaultGame.ini) located in the root directory of your server to tell it to use your new loadout decks for those game modes.
      1. DefaultGame.ini
      2. This is the updated file that points to the loadout files used above and has a random map rotation. Just be sure to add your Admin Steam id to it before putting it on your server.
      3. Also the default number of players is set to 2 and the game automatically starts. See the official game server wiki for more details:
    2. IF YOU WANT TO EDIT YOUR OWN CONFIG, here are the steps:
      1. Open the config
      2. Under each game mode section that you want to play rifles only on (for example: 
      3. Find the Deckname setting and set it to whatever you named your new loadout json files to in the above steps (for example: TDMDeckRifles)
      4. Save the config
      5. The map will have to be at least reloaded for the rifles only change to take effect



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FFA Rifles only!
m1 garand and the Kar98k

in the server`s ini file



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Ty . Worked great. Now after mu2 it no longer works. They now also have a file called "market.json". Unable to get working. Anyone have any luck? Thank again.

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