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Australian Servers down.

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Hey aussie, unfortunately the don't care about aus/SA... they only care about NA e EU...


Unfortunately we tried to post in reddit, inthe forums, post on use bug_reports, test servers with 20+ people searching at the same time, but we did not get any response from devs. We are starting to give up the bugged servers of SA. It's sad to have a facebook group with over a thousand members and everyone complains about the same problem, not counting Argentina players, chile, uruguay and others. At the very least only SA has more than two thousand players and nobody can play, all new players giving refund, it is very sad...  And despite all this, even with my team(bot eSports) playing with ping 200 ranked third on the Wisefrag Weekly #1 losing only to the LEX team, we deserve more attention, we have many talents be it in battalion, CSGO and other games. GG SA GIVE UP UNTIL A OFICIAL FEEDBACK, CYA!


1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/comments/7xqzci/regarding_sa_servers



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