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[EU] naluump lft

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i am looking for team,so here is some info about me:

- 21 yo from croatia
- attended 6 lans(still lanable) in cod2(mostly got exp from that game)
- high skilled,solid aim and experienced
- i prefer heavy class and pathfinder(anything except scope and kar)
- mostly active in the evening(around 7-8pm),but i am flexible about that

what i am looking in team 

- level headed ppl constantly looking to improve
- maturity,willingness to strat and attend leagues,cups and eventually lan
- already established (atleast partially) line up + individual roles
- communicative (and to have IGL with good gamesense)
- decently active(no need to force and play 5-6 hours together lel,but to be able 
  to play 1-2 scrims a day)

here are some ss from my cod2 days: https://imgur.com/a/GFrdD
if you have any questions or if you are interested,add me on steam:


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