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Ranked matchmaking is going to be a nightmare for the Aussie competitive gamer if they are going to be hosted by same provider which is currently running the ranked/arcade MM servers in AUS.

The last 7 days of fooling around in MM ( unranked/arcade ) I've experienced random rubberband lag and if a enemy lags while moving fast or jumping in the air they randomly teleport/warp which is straight up awful when you trying to shoot them with a kar98 or scope.

I also play scrims and pugs on private servers which don't have the same issues.

Im not on a s**t connection either im on 50/10 mbit.
Devs need to have a talk to the Aussie Server MM Host A S A P or look for another provider fast!

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Can confirm this is a huge problem, its honestly put me and alot more off playing the normal servers, but on our own server or any other server i have scrimmed on there is literally none/ the rare random spike compared to every game and happening every few minutes.

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