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Pushing Back Competitive Play

We’ve been hearing the reports of regular crashes. Whilst this is expected for an Early Access game and we have fixed many of the fatal error crashes, this is not acceptable for a competitive environment.

This is why we’ve decided to delay the competitive mode launch.

The goal of this delay is to fix 50-80% of the regular crashes that occur during general play. We can’t just fix the game magically overnight - this stuff takes time, which is why we’re pushing back the launch of competitive play.

Luckily after the fixes If players do crash out - you will have the option to reconnect back into the same match. This is to reduce the annoyance of crashing out of a competitive game. However - if players just decide to rage quit a game in progress they will be banned from competitive play for a period of time.

You won’t have to wait too long - we’re still looking at getting competitive matchmaking to you guys asap - we’re just giving ourselves more time to get to the game into a state we feel is acceptable for competitive play for a Steam Early Access title! We’ll have more updates on this soon.

Yea ok.....

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