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Early CoD style - weapon+headshot mod

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How hard would it be to remove all the damage fall off, weapon sway, bullet pattern spray from hip and a few other things?

I want to run a server where accuracy is rewarded with a kill, like how it used to be in the early CoD's. One shot headshots (even from the hip), I want them back so bad.


This game has the potential to get all my old CoD players back together playing but the way the weapons are (and if they are staying this way), there is no way in hell my old CoD players will pick this up. It has the oldskool feel to the maps just the weapon accuracy is enough to drive you mad.

A headshot is a headshout, you should die, even from a high powered air rifle!


So I need to create a mod :

Headshots are headshots

Hip firing is accurate like the old CoD's

Weapon random spray gone, recoil stays

Remove damage falloff over distance, the maps are small enough to not have damage falloff.



At some point but not important as the above,.Add in a PPSH to combat the thompson+shotgun in a TDM/FFA server and bring back more run n gun gameplay in my servers.



Besides the PPSH idea, i'm guessing the rest are just all scripting mods I need to alter but being base game options, will that cause problems with Anti-Cheat?

Dev's went arse about face on this game, should have coded it for the casual gamer with a Clan mod for competitive play but this is the hand we are dealt. Excluding the PPSH, how easy are my ideas to add? I've never played about with the UE4 editor before, seeing as I don't want to change the graphics and just scripts/values, is it easy to do?



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