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sVar clarifications

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Putting together a few servers for my community, have hosted probably hundreds of CoD1/2/4 servers in the past. I have questions about the ini/loadouts.

  1. What is InterpStep? It seems to be related to lag compensation, much like ticrate, but ticrate is set (presumably?) with DedServerMaxTickRate.
  2. I'd like to play around with objective rewards for the card system. I haven't been able to get this working. Is this feature in the game yet? What is the syntax to call cards here? Do I need the full class, or can I just declare attribute/value? Are the values here increments on current value, or absolute value (1 = +1, or 1 = 1 total)?
  3. Which files are read-only? Can you load new ini's or decks without restarting the instance? Can you edit sVars from the console and have those changes saved to the file, or are they only stored in memory? Does that memory reset between maps?
  4. Is there no way to see inside instances, such as with a server-side console?
  5. How do you run multiple instances? I get DLL errors when I try


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