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Easy Anti Cheat problem "Game was run without anti-cheat enabled."

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Hi !

New player here. Been playing for like 1 day, everything seemed to work.

But now, when i'm launching the game through steam, the launcher runs, i select my region and click play, the game runs on the start screen but this message is appearing : "Game was run without anti-cheat enabled. Please restart from the laucher."

I've seen many people talking about this issue but there is no real fix :/

Thanks for your answers if you have some !

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Check if you have this in your registry


If you don't have the folder, just create it and also add the following :

Right click > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. This will make a new registry entry. Change "New Value #1" to "easyanticheat".

Right click easyanticheat > Click Modify...

Enter "1" for Value Data and make sure Hexadecimal is selected as Base.


This could probably fix it ;)

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