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Questions about RAM usage and loading times

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I have a short question:

The game almost takes 1.2gb RAM in the MENU.

and about 1.5 to 1.6gb of ram ingame.

How can the menu take so much freaking ram??? I could understand it, if you preload a lot of stuff for the game, such as textures, sounds, level geometry and so on.

but then the loading times of the map wouldnt be so long.

Imo there is something either pretty wrong, or something is happening that is not apparent.


Another thing: When the round is over, it looks like the client is waiting for the server to finish loading the map. If so, just tell the client which map to load and then start loading it parallel to the server. If the server is not finished when the client is, the client can simply wait a bit longer in loading screen. but if the server is faster the client doesn't have to wait extra at all.

Loading times for this game are ridiculous. It is not like the maps are super huge, or there are like thousands of sounds to load and so on. Most of the time is probably spent unpacking the pak file...

Please either split it in more, smaller paks which can get loaded individually, or improve the pak format to allow for partial loading.

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