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Can't restart PC

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Just installed the game about 30 mins ago, opened it up, it crashed while loading. So I launched it again, got to the play menu, and started a search for arcade. It starts loading a map, and I hear the map loading music. All of a sudden the screen goes black, a crash error message appears, but the music keeps going. I try to Alt tab out, which doesn't work, so I try to Alt f4, which also doesn't. I open task manager, but can't tab to it. So I decide to restart my PC. Just after my motherboard loading screen part, I get a blue screen saying my PC wasn't able to restart, and that windows would try and restart itself. That doesn't work, but I try it again, again not working. So I unplug it, plug it back in, turn  it on again, and I get another blue screen, with two options. Either try the restart thing again, or reset my PC, where I'll have to reinstall all my applications. Devices team, if you're aware of this issue and know a fix, I'd love to know it, because I'd actually enjoy to try the game, and failing that, actually enjoy being able to use my PC. 

Edit: my Pc has a ryzen 1300x, an Asus gtx 1060 6gb, an msi b350m mortar motherboard, and 8gb of ddr 4 ram

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