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Private match/ lobbies? For jump prac

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Will i be able to hop into a private match like CS has just load up a map and have various commands, and practice jumps spots? or will i have to rent a server? i assume one day private lobbies will be in the game, but is that coming out any time soon or probably not? My main reason is i really want to just practice jumps on the various maps. i try and prac while in matches but im bad and miss 100 times then get shot lol. thanks for reading and i hope to hear a response. Loving the game and im also looking for a competitive team if anyone is interested.

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On 2/10/2018 at 11:57 PM, nastybob7 said:

oh wow thanks yea im dumb didnt even think of that. awesome!!

Or host your own quickly ;) Here is explained how: wiki.battaliongame.com

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