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A suggestion for the heavy class

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I'd like to preface this by saying, I know nothing about balancing so.. take it with a pinch of salt. It's an impossible job to please everybody.


I'd like to see the ADS movespeed on the heavy class the same as the SMG. I feel like this would help to make thee class more diverse, this combined with the up coming changes would help it cement it as a solid class. It would make it a great option to retake sites at diverse ranges.

What do you guys think? Just an idea..

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Maybe increase the Heavy's ADS movement speed a tiny bit to make it somewhat viable, bare in mind BAR ADS movespeed should probably be slower than STG considering you have a beast canon in your hands. 
but generally I don't like the idea of different classes having the same attributes, reason being that it would decrease the uniqueness of the class/card.
imo all classes should have their own unique ADS movespeed spectrum range so to speak. 
And even within that spectrum range (class) the two (or more in the future, if there is more armies) guns will have their own unique ADS movespeed. That again, in my opinion, allows for more balance possibilities, for nerfing/buffing if required AND promotes weapon's own identity and feel. So in the ideal world, long term, no weapon feels the same, if that makes sense. That's my philosophy anyway dude. 

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