Hey my Name ist Dima "dimi" B. and i m 22 Years old.
I played semi Professional CS:GO by some Named Teams like : Tera.Mindfactory, Team LeiSuRe, CS:GOetter, w4sp e.V., KOALASCHELLE (mixed) and nothing2Lose. I got over 3K Hours CS:GO and played a lot of Cups and Experience playing Competitive Matches.
I also played Call of Duty in some Professional way in CoD MW 3 - AW. I played EES, EMS, All Star Cups, NRW DLM and Country Championship for Germany.
I played for: Tera.Mindfactory, Tt.Dragons, Concept Digital Damage, Planetkey.Dynamics, iN7-eSports.
Ofc i played some CoD4 Promod Nearly 2K Hours but i just played for fun with some friends so, nothing Special.

You Guys should be,
18+ Years, to sign a Contract
Active and be motivated for Training
Have Experience in some Games - with History please.
Be friendly and dont be in a bad mode if we struggle in a Game, that happens!
Prefer German Players, but englisch is ok too!

I want to Complete the Team until Sunday, because i have a deadline.
I cannot call you the Organisation, sorry for that. If you want to play some Test games, write me a email with all Information i need to: d.bachmannwelger@web.de
Or Add me in Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/diimi/ - but leave me a Massage