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Professional Organisation, LFP +4

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Hey my Name ist Dima "dimi" B. and i m 22 Years old.
I played semi Professional CS:GO by some Named Teams like : Tera.Mindfactory, Team LeiSuRe, CS:GOetter, w4sp e.V., KOALASCHELLE (mixed) and nothing2Lose. I got over 3K Hours CS:GO and played a lot of Cups and Experience playing Competitive Matches.
I also played Call of Duty in some Professional way in CoD MW 3 - AW. I played EES, EMS, All Star Cups, NRW DLM and Country Championship for Germany.
I played for: Tera.Mindfactory, Tt.Dragons, Concept Digital Damage, Planetkey.Dynamics, iN7-eSports.
Ofc i played some CoD4 Promod Nearly 2K Hours but i just played for fun with some friends so, nothing Special.

You Guys should be,
18+ Years, to sign a Contract
Active and be motivated for Training
Have Experience in some Games - with History please.
Be friendly and dont be in a bad mode if we struggle in a Game, that happens!
Prefer German Players, but englisch is ok too!

I want to Complete the Team until Sunday, because i have a deadline.
I cannot call you the Organisation, sorry for that.

If you want to play some Test games, write me a email with all Information i need to: d.bachmannwelger@web.de
Or Add me in Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/diimi/ - but leave me a Massage

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Hi my name is Marijan i live in Croatia I am 27 years old ex cod4 player who can handle myself in tough situations I am skilled I have attended local lans in Croatia like gject challenge where top  teams were playing and more played cups after I have retired from cod 4 I played csgo actively also was playing in cup matches vs empire,esuba,imex and so on and on was playing for team kodex at the time and we were pushing for preinvite  or invite but due to lack of financial help from orgs we never reached our potential  my favorite weapon is scope I am very quick and good at it but also handle great other rifles.This is my fragmovie 


proof that I really am what I am saying if u are interested in my services let me know I have just installed the game my brain works great and my aim have never left me hope to hear from u soon and that u are willing to test me



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