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Ex cod4 player looking for serious org

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Hi my name is Marijan i am 27 years old and I am from Croatia. I have played promod since it came out for team Kodex.i have played vs teams like esuba empire aatrox and could handle them well Ihave attended lan tournaments played allot of online cups and won few of them.I can handle myself in tough situations and in any given moment I can pull something out of nothing or hit some insane shots  I think very calm when I play and I do not panic  and I do not rage.My main wep in cod4 was scope but i could handle SMG and assault really good when cod4 died I moved to cs go played for fun mostly but was active I have installed battalion 1944 today and my aim have never left me and my way of thinking in those hard situations.i need some time to adjust to the game and learn maps since it is a new game  I also love to practice I am very serious and emotional player these are my old fragmovies my nickname back in the day was reflex.would like if some good org with big plans  would pick me up I also want to attend lans and I'll prove u that I can be one of the best! If interested let me know..




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