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[EU][GER/ENG] former CoD2 professional player lookin for team

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Hey Guys, i started with B44 today so im really unexperienced but i guess i can get on a high level quite fast cuz the game reminds on cod2. 

Back in the CoD2 era i used to play for some pro teams... i was #1 for Years in 1v1 Ladders, also #1 in 3v3 & 5v5 Ladder.

In Clanbase we were #2 when Clanbase was superactive.


ESL profile


26 Years old

Discord / TS3 available

german / english language

high motivation to form a top team 


Your Team:

wants to play in a league

good communication

no kids (18+) or better (21+)

you want to improve your tactics etc.

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