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Remove Battery from TDM rotation

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Currently battery is a goto tdm map, but the problem is the map is just too big for tdm for 10 people. It takes an average of 20 seconds between kills/deaths to find people if you account into your teammates killing people. This is a long time between action which isn't fun in my playing experience. I think it has to do with the map design which was built for wartide with all the trenches and strategic areas like the long way to A from defensive spawn is a huge alley, same with offensive spawn to A there's just a lot of LONG areas where you aren't seeing action and because of the spawn points it just takes to long to find enemies.

Either remove this from TDM rotation or make a smaller version specifically catered to TDM in my opinion.

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I don't like the map as whole..

for TDM its too big

For CTF its too easy to spot the flag carrier and take him out

And in DOM the flags are way too exposed making them very hard to take...

And overall it feels linear and very limited in movement..

One of my least favorite maps in my gaming history =(

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