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Never posted in a welcome desk before...

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.. but I'm pretty keen on this one! 

I played Day of Defeat since the mod was first released and still occasionally enjoy the 1-2 remaining servers that are active in Australia.  

Favourite weapon so far is the Garand, it feels so fast and fluid,  I find it hard to get the clip 'DING' sound out of my head... 

I've been taking a break from PUBG and Battalion has been hitting the spot this past week. 

This year I started playing around with gameplay videos on YouTube and I'm keen to start recording content on Battalion. 

Check out my channel if you're interested :3 ... mostly have just been sharing PUBG videos for my mates but I've enjoying recording/editing more and more. 

(happy to trade subscribes to anyone that's planning to upload Battalion vids.  Post here and let me know!)

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On 8.2.2018 at 11:56 PM, Twitch.tv/aussiexthunder said:

WELCOME Legend ❤⚡⚡

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner




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