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LIFELINE looking for upcoming players (unexperienced players welcome)

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I decided to create my own team(LIFELINE is the name rn, but I would like to get player feedback on that), with the intent of working from the ground up. I would actually PREFER if you had little competitive experience. I want this team to be a starting point for anyone looking to get their feet wet in a competitive community. Obviously, I want to get to the highest level of play, but im not worried about being the best team of the bat. I want to develop players, and the team, into something great. So if you have little competitive experience, but want to take the game seriously, and try to scrim/play in cups, add me on steam


Some more info:

  • Would prefer NA west players, but if east players have a free schedule, and are fine playing at later hours then feel free to join.
  • If you dont want a team, but just want to find people to play ranked with etc. feel free to join as well. Id like to have a little hub of serious players.
  • 18+ preferred but if you're serious, and act normally I don't really care lmao.
  • I would prefer to coach/be an analyst, but id probably have to play until we find enough players.
  • Want to spend almost every night, if everyones schedules permits, scrimming or going over demos etc, but I DO realize people have lives and school, including me, so it wont be super strict.




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