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Hi I am Powerbits aka Frank

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I am the clanleader of the POWERBITS GAMETEAM ( http://www.pbsgameteam.com ) since as early as 2006.

Yes the days when COD (COD1-2-4-5) was great and had good dedicated servers and customisations with mods and custom maps. In fact , feeling abit nostalgic, i like to share one of our fragmovies from these days in COD4 with the fantastic Xtreme mod:

In those days i had a online shop where many of my customers where gamers, so one thing lead to another and a gameteam was formed!

The team grew and more members came in, but because MW2 removed all servers (such a bad move) , we changed to Bad Company 2 and progressed through the battlefield series (BF3-BF4-BF1)

Also we do Rising Storm 2 , wich is great thanks again to customisation.

Watching this game develop (i am a backer) , i am convident this will also be a PBS game as we now do multiple games.


I wish this game, its community all the best and hope you can give us, wat we once took for granted :)


PS: We are recruiting here:


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