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2 German Guys looking for an team/players

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my friend (crazy, 45 years) and me (snooow, 28 years) looking for a Team/Clan/a group of players.

We would like to play the game tactically. Trainings are not a problem for us.

If it is possible, we would be ready to play in a league as well.

We are not looking for pro teams. Fun with the will to win the game is just fine :)

Our online times Monday - Thursday -> 17-22 and Weekend 14- Open End

We played many hours in Cod1 and Cod2 (2500+), ESL and Clanbase too.

We also play with the idea to get a root server to open appropriate servers there (Public - Warserver - Server with Mods)

Simply add us in Steam if you are interested.

Steamname crazy: "crazybob312"

Steamname snooow: "schnoff"


See ya

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If you fancy playing with some guys who want to eventually play competitively jump on 1st-IB discord server and gameservers

20 Man All Maps/Game Types

20 Man TDM Only


Discord channel - I will PM you





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wir sind aktuelle eine kleine Gemeinde aus 10 Ü18 Spielern, die zusammen fast jeden Tag zocken und demnächst auch ranked spielen wollen. 

Wir sind allesamt starke Spieler, von denen einige in diversen Spielen schon einiges erreicht haben. Trotzdem nehmen wir das ganze aber nicht zu Ernst und können auch verlieren. 


Also falls Interesse besteht adde mich doch einfach auf Steam:



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