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Recently moved our 16 slot London server to Gameservers.com due to the lack of access to the Deck .JSON files with Multiplay and we're encountering a repeated error that crashes the server after an undetermined period of time OR when the server starts to fill up. 

Encountered these initially with update 10849, switched servers to different locations (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and back to London) and haven't been able to get the server running at all on update 10849 (refuses to start, keeps displaying error 139 and eventually reaches restart limit)

Since then I've reverted to the default server (sans 10849 patch) and the server has been up and running again... but it has gone back to crashing after so much up time / so many players join.

I've notified GS about this issue, but they're saying it's a game issue, rather than a server issue.  

Attached is the recent crash log, our DefaultGame.ini and TDMDeck1.json.

I'll update this thread with more information - going to attempt to measure how long it takes to crash when the server isn't close to full capacity. 




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