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Independent Scope Sensitivity Value from other ADS sensitivity

Independent (from other ADS sensitivity) Scope Sensitivity Value (available in other shooters)  

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  1. 1. Would you really appreciate an independent slider/value setting you could manipulate to get your sniper scope sensitivity to a comfortable value without messing up your iron sight sensitivity? (NOTE: FoV scaling does not let you customize it without changing ADS sens)

    • Would really appreciate it.
    • Don't think it is needed.

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I am a very competitive FPS player and I need all rifles to be able to have exact values. If I set my sensitivity up properly, I have the mouse aim scale at "1" so my hipfire transitions smoothly and precisely with my ADS with all non scope rifles. However, doing this makes my scoped rifle sensitivities WAY too high and even the smallest mouse movement will cause my crosshair to skip about 4 pixels on the screen and move ~7 times faster than I'd like (unusable). CSGO and PUBG and many other games have a scoped sensitivity option that is separate and I would appreciate the same in this game so I can enjoy it in its entirety as I hope to make this my main competitive focus game. Lots of other players are requesting this on the subreddit. NOTE: FoV aim scale does not work correctly as it affects your sensitivity differently on each gun and scope which I consider to be bad for muscle memory so if possible a slider for each gun (like with the viewmodel offset) would be perfect. Thanks Devs :) once matchmaking is fixed this game will skyrocket. Love the game!

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