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Why is the Game so dark?

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Overall the Maps look really dark and have a strange lightning (Especially Manorhouse) and makes it hard for me to spot enemys, only Coastal looks good & normal to me. 

Some tweaking in "Time of Day?" would be good and why can't we use brightness ingame?

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I agree, posted this request sometime ago, good replies from the community, nothing back from the Devs as yet !

You are right about the maps, I have the game at Ultra, I suspect if  you tone the graphics down to black and white it makes it easier to see the enemy.

In MOHAA there was a cheat which allowed players to make the enemy orange ! used to ruin the game, I suspect some of the pro players do not max the game out, to allow maximum frame rates. I prefer to look at leaves and good scenery which does hamper play I am sure.



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