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hi im from the uk and im looking for a uk team (possibly eu) or maybe even just a few guys for now to play with, 18+ atleast please i cant be bothered with shrieking kids :P must have gamesense and be decent players in general.

i played cod4 not too seriously but mixed with pre inv players now and again before i quit 6 year ago, i held my own no probs. i didnt play for a few year then went to csgo and played with friends atm im lme i should probably be global but i play with mg-dmg mates 90% of the time so that hasnt helped my rank trying to carry them :P so skill wont be a problem im a good sniper (once i get used to sensitivities on this in a week or 2) and im available most nights and alot of daytime hours too. obv i have headset ts ect ect..... add my if you want to chat http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198017529495/

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