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Hey hey, me and my mate searching +3 Players for our Team from https://www.ankermann-griffins.de - also named as EnRo Griffins for ppl who played the last CoD.

My Name ist Dima " dimi" B. and i m 22 Years old. I played CoD Since CoD4 - Promod ofc, but i played just 4 fun with some mates. In the next CoD i startet to play Competitve at Black Ops and Black Ops 2. I Played for some Named Teams: Tt.Dragons, Tera.Mindfactory, LeiSuRe eSports (now Team LeiSuRe), Planetkey Dynamics. I played in EMS - EES , NRW DLM and National Team Germany. So i have a lot of Competitve Experience ^^

My Mate is Dennis "Trinox" S. and hes 24 Years old. He was former Pro Player in MW2 and he played with me in some Teams like NRW DLM. He dont had the Time to play active in a Team but now ofc he can and he want to!

We are searching for +3 Players for a nice Team who want to win Cups and be one of the best! We prefer CoD Experience and were looking for players they played Competitve like ESL and Lans.
You should be 18+ and friendly. I m Scoper so we dont need a Sniper anymore so, sorry guys :D. Trinox is going to play SMG so would be nice if we have 1 allrounder 1 Rilfe and 1 SMG player.
Were using Teamspeak so fck off Discord!

If youre interested to play with us or want a Testgame so add me in Steam but please leave a comment with your ESL Profile if you have one and with your Expierence otherwhise it would be hard for me to know who you are because i have a lot of request!

Btw: we are searching only german speaking ppl! 


Cu guys! :)98044d1cb69c064e8769d730a9c7f695e043951d_full.jpg.6469d19589f53631d2400576ca5a0ab4.jpg

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ant0x mein Name. Habe Cod4 circa 4 bis 5 Jahre lang gespielt. Dabei viel clanbase, ESL und xfire nightcups. Level damals war wohl irgendwo zwischen high und academy.

Seit 2014 habe ich außerdem CS:GO gedaddelt. Hauptsächlich aus Spaß am Spiel teilweise aber auch competitive im Team.

Ich bin 21 Jahre alt und möchte bei Battalion nochmal angreifen. Bin allerdings zeitlich nicht immer verfügbar aufgrund von Arbeit und Fußball. Würde mich freuen wenn trotzdem Interesse fürs Kennenlernen besteht.

Könnt mich gerne auf Steam adden:              https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198165291593

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