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Kicking people

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Has anyone been successful in kicking players?

I tried to kick someone yesterday but using the kick player name command crashed the server, and using the kick player steam ID command didnt do anything?

If someone can post up how they did it that would be great :)

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Basic Server Commands
All commands made in the console MUST start with the word "Server."
It is not case sensitive.

Example: server.command #
Example: server.restart

Restart the server

Shutdown the server

Force end the round

Pause the game - use again to unpause

Force win the round

Force lose the round

Load the next map/mode in the rotation

Announce a message to everyone in the server
"Announce <MESSAGE>"

Disconnect everyone from the server

Change yourself to team
"ChangeToTeam <1 or 0>"

List all party members

Kick Player by Name
"KickPlayerByName <NAME>"

Kick Player by Steam GUID
"KickPlayerBySteamID <ID>
Maps & Modes
Change to a map + mode
"ChangeMap <MAP> <MODE>"

Map "Liberation"
Map "Derailed"
Map "Coastal"
Map "Battery"
Map "Invasion"
Map "Outpost"
Map "ManorHouse_V1"
Map "Manorhouse_V2"
Mode "BOMB"
Mode "FFA"
Mode "TDM"
Mode "CTF"
Mode "DOM"
Practice Settings & Cheats
We'd like to ask that server admins use these responsibly. Please remember, you don't need arrows <> replace this with a number.
There is currently no "noclip" or "fly" command. But this is something we are working on, we will definitely be supporting this.

Make yourself invulnerable
"Invulnerable <1 or 0>"

Give a specified weapon to yourself
"GiveWeapon <WEAPON NAME>

Give a grenade to yourself
"GiveGrenade <NUM>"

Give a smoke grenade to yourself
"GiveSmokeGrenade <NUM>"

Give ammo to yourself
"GiveAmmo <NUM>"

Change yourself to team
"ChangeToTeam <1 or 0>"
Technically, we have bots. The dev team use them for improving performance and testing weapons. However, the bots are very very stupid.

The bots in Battalion 1944, of course will be improved. But we have left them in there because we wanted players to have the option to use them.
These bots were never intended to be used as opponents, they are purely designed for testing. Use bots at your own risk, and when they start to lick each other. Please remain calm.

Add a bot to the server (careful now!)
"AddBot <NUM>"

Kill all bots
Competitive Settings & Tournaments
This section is specific to players running competitive servers or tournaments

Changing the Gamestate
The Gamestate, is the current state of the server. To change to a server state, please use the commands below.
"State <STATE_NAME>"
Possible states:

Show the GUID of All Players in a Server
This command is not actually a 'server' command, any user can do this to check that the players in the server are who they say they are and that they are registered with an external tournament provider to play in your tournament or cup.
To show the GUID you will need to press your console button twice, to show the "big console".

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