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looking for NA talent looking to compete at a high lvl

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I will be recruiting to fill the last few spots for a five man lineup who will compete in any available Na tournaments over the coming months in hopes of getting picked up by an org. 

Experience: must have at least a minimal experience in a team environment cs , cod or other fps games... (This may include league teams scrim teams or other lineup exp)

Age: would like to get anyone over 18 however we would make exceptions for younger people provided they can prove they are responsible enough to make pracs

Schedule: evenings after 6 mst on weekdays, weekends tbd but likely most of the day

Expectations: i realize that alot of people want to go pro in this new game so what we need is people who are willing to go above and beyond but not have outrageous expectations as ultimately this team is for fun scrims firstly and to try to win tournaments and make an org is just a hopeful result of hard work 

Contact info:  STEAMID : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Harry_G/ OR MESSAGE HERE 

Will be doing tryouts in scrims and pugs 

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hey man ive played on both CS and CoD teams. ill totally run some games if you are still looking for players. ill add y0u

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