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[NA] Not For Rekt (Home for the elderly)

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Hello B44 community, we're a small group of friends between the ages of 25-35 who have been playing games together for a very long time. Past games for our players include the CoD series, RO2, BF, TF2, MoHAA, Squad, and some others. In the past many of us competed at high levels on CAL, CEVO, on LAN etc. but we're not really interested in listing achievements nobody remembers from 11-15 years ago. What we are interested in is having a good core of players who love competing and want to play the game. We used to have a larger core of players, but over the years people drifted away for the usual reasons: school, family, careers, relationships, losing interest in gaming, etc. For those of us who remain, while all of those things are important to us, gaming is also our biggest hobby. 

What we're looking for:

  • Someone who has a passion for gaming and is an active player
  • Someone we don't have to message or prod to come online, hop in discord, and play games with us on a given weeknight, i.e. someone who wants to be here and play
  • Someone who is competitive like the rest of us and would like to play in leagues and tournaments as time permits
  • Someone who is preferably around our age group (25-35) give or take
  • Someone with an easy-going personality who enjoys hanging out and shooting the shit

What we're not:

  • We aren't going to be the practice 7PM-1AM 5 nights per week team. We've all been there and done that. Some of us have kids, most of us get up early for work. While we typically play at least 3+ hours from M-F, we're not going to kill our personal lives for a game and don't expect everyone else to do the same
  • We aren't going to be extremely worried about whether or not we attain the highest status in competition possible. We're not trying to go pro, we're just trying to play our best and win.
  • We're not a group of people who will fracture apart and disappear. We don't want clan hoppers. Some of us have known each other and played together for 15 years at this point. 

If you're currently playing solo and would like a group to hang out with, get good at the game with, compete with, etc. hit me up on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198152875749/

We also have our own server at the moment, and hope to start setting up some 10-mans in the coming days/weeks.

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I'll add you on steam today and maybe we can get some games in tomorrow. 

I am 22, have been competing on ESEA csgo for about 2 years, and i would consider myself a casual yet competitive player. I enjoy competing at a high level, working on improving, and having fun and enjoying the game. 


I am US EAST and can be on pretty much any night you need me to be. I can also help provide for private scrim servers or other team needs. Looking forward to hearing back from you



I added you, this is my profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/2353423456244623462363246236/

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Just letting you know that I added you recently on steam as POJE, I am 28 years old and have always loved to compete in games although I have not in a while as I have not found myself interested in any games for quite some years now. This is the only game in the past 3-4 years I thought would be fun to compete in. I generally work 3-6 hours everyday starting in the morning so I would be free almost everyday to play. That being said I work nights this week wed.-fri. which is very rare and then resume my normal schedule which would allow for me to play during weeknights and weekends just about everyday.

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Noob to the game, but want to learn it. I usually play Destiny 2 (PC) mostly, a smidgen of Overwatch (PC) and dabbled in other games. However, I play CoD on console. Nonetheless, your description reminds me of my Dads of Destiny clan-type atmosphere which I like since I am 29.

If you are willing to take a noob under your wings, I'd like to join.

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