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[EU] ROTP +2

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Ritual of the Pharaoh +2 < team name is temporarely, 0 inspirtation and am watching yu-gi-oh so fy :^)

Hi, we are a group of friends looking for 2 more people to complete our line-up. We've played together on CoD for many years and have very good synergy & communication.

As of how it looks right now we have a Sniper, & 2 Riflers. So we are PRIMARILY looking for people who know their way around the mp40/mp44/thompson/bar.

We are going to be playing scrims/tournaments/ranked(if its worth queueing for). So if u you are interrested hmu on steam(click) or reply here.

Please be/have the following;

- Fluent English.

- Active player.

- Working microphone & discord.

- Good communication.

- No rage.

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