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Matchmaking servers for South Africa

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First off, yes I know the game is only in EA, however, I've noticed that there are servers for South America and Australia, so howcome there are no matchmaking servers for Africa in general?

South Africa has a large gaming community, and we'd really appreciate having local servers (besides from the community browser servers). The closest matchmaking servers to us are in EU, which puts us at a 200ms disadvantage, which makes playing arcade or unranked  very unappealing.


Really hoping that ZA servers are in the plans.

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Agreed. Having to make a facebook group and post connect strings is the only way  just to play <200ms atm for us.
Even then it's hard to play because the popular servers are always full. 

No MM + bad server browser = people not wanting to buy your game here.
South Africa is quite an informed consumer base, and people don't buy games if there aren't local servers. Especially for MP only titles. 

The server browser improving could solve a lot of the problems but it's still incredibly tough to sell a game to my friends where 50% of the game is unusable eg. Unranked and Arcade. 

Also hey zoncelele ;D 

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