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[NA] Uzi & Abraxas (prev. cevo-p cod4 for loaded)

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Looking for 1 person to round out our roster. As of now we have a few potentials (friends that we have past played with in CoD4) but since there will be a lot of new talent popping up, we are keeping an open mind. 


Abraxas (Loaded, Awakening, Area 51, Blight, i9, MugNMouse) former cevo-p CoD4, attended lans

Uzi (Loaded, vVv, Awakening, Area 51, Blight, MugNMouse) former cevo-p CoD4, attended lans

Jben (Young player from NA CoD4 scene. Very dedicated and has natural talent) 

Night (Younger player from NA CoD4 scene. High natural FPS talent)


Send me a PM on Discord (https://discord.gg/btsWSR2) and we'll chat about potentials and que up during EA

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