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Just dabbling on this: a response from BRAMMERTRON to his stream. 



BIG FAN of this response. 

I feel like because the way the game has been so open to welcome criticism and potential ideas, fairly so that people are forgetting that it is a NEW game.. the devs are aware that tweaks need to be made no doubt, but it strikes me a lot of people who are complaining have only played max 2 days (those over the early alpha is a different story, but even those have seen necessary tweaks). New game on a different engine, with a different economy system. Give it some time. I'm a big promod fan (cod4) and I like the inspiration that has been taken but I'm not expecting, nor would I want a replica. It's fun to face new challenges, problems and come up with solutions and adjust accordingly but I feel like people are trying to mould it into their perfect game where they are already practised in a certain style I.e CS.

Fucking love this game already, excited for the climb and learning curve.



The practice, practice, practice video for reference. :D

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