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Australian Servers

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First off I'd like to say that i am incredibly pumped for this game and can not wait to see where it goes. I am hoping this game will become my main game for years to come and get me out of this slump i have for games at the moment.

My question is, Will there be Australian Servers? I understand that we are  a relatively small community compared to NA & EU however as somebody who constantly deals with terrible ping, it would be amazing if there were servers for us.

In the past,  Australia has/had a large community as it pertains to games such as Cod4, Cod2 and CsGO. MY conclusion is that as this game mostly resembles those shooters, I have no doubt that the servers would then warrant themselves with the amount of Australians flocking to play this game.

Hopefully you guys will take into consideration what i have said.

Kindest Regards,


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