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Looking for a CMS.

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Hellow guys,

10 years ago CMS like webspell, ilch, dzcp and others were still common everwhere, but wich CMS is used today for clans/teams? I would like to make a little page to test it but it is difficult for me to find a suitable one. 

Wich one can you recommend?


greeting, the german potato, nuz


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I think:

  • typo3 is the best, but the most complex type of cms, especially for a hobby. We are using it in our company for bigger projects.
  • wordpress ist one of the easiest, you can easily get many of pluqins or creating your own, but it lacks in terms of safety (but for the beginning i prefer that, because safety is not that much a factor)
  • at my old clan, they had there own CMS (based on webspell but most of the code was self-written)
  • and then you have contentify, joomla, ilch (new version 2.0) and laracasts, but I do not know many about these


greetings ;)

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I'd probably go with Wordpress or contao for ease, to be honest, plenty of gaming-related themes out there at the moment and plenty of support for integrating tables etc. I've found Django pretty useful if you know Python.

Definitely have a fish around though, new ones seem to creep into the mix quite often these days!

1 minute ago, Jester said:


Not used it for years, but from what I remember they were pretty good as a CMS for organisations/clans :) Pretty sure Team Dignitas use(d) this.

Ignore my suggestions, this guy knows!

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I would say as Ryan invision power board (even if not free ? --> but if you didn't renovate the license your forum/website still active, you will just loose some client privilege as update/...)

Here you can try a 5day demo: https://invisioncommunity.com/demo

Here some features: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/content/

I find IPB a really complete suite that manage differents aspects like forum/pages/gallery/... and you can completely change them (you need some skills) or use add-on.


This forum is on invision too ?

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I remember the glory days with webspell, finding so many templates that you didn't know what to pick. 

I'm on the lookout for a good cms for my team. Here is what i found so far.

NeoFrag CMS: A really good CMS with potentional, its still in Alpha and the only bad thing is that it is not fully translated to English. You will need to translate some parts yourself. 

Esports CMS: These are people that were making templates for webspell and now they have their own CMS. They are pretty decent and got good prices. 

Webspell NOR: This is like a newer version of webspell, has some designs but not for free. 

I feel like wordpress is not  meant to be for gaming communities.. I'm still looking for something that will fit my tastes. 

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