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Pistols we might see in game

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I hope to see some of these pistols in the game these are from the military archives not to far from where I live.. These are all WWII pistols and some from before WWIILuger-PO8.jpg.e4f65a7ff8229f9675ff4a2c34a23999.jpgMauser-C96-Broomhandle.jpg.4f7dc526706ff28344473d06bf44d056.jpgMauser-Mod-1934.jpg.87575816339aad9602841dbe411e90f9.jpgMauser-Mod-HSC.jpg.2aaed3bb88d6cd2f46c5adcc1f2572da.jpgRussian-Target-Pistol.jpg.64bc5737e185a057178cf06c5399f0a5.jpgWalther-PPK.jpg.ea1fb25286b2285385dd212bb6b3caeb.jpgWebley-and-Scott-Flare-Pistol.jpg.7836393b95150fd1e1a0875131a6c49c.jpgWebley-and-Scott-Self-Loading-I-N.jpg.4704561be8dc9be4e0a4c0846ede463f.jpgWebley-and-Scott-Very-Pistol.jpg.8a9b10dda2312ba1cf006218ff8cf15b.jpgWebley-MK-VI-455.jpg.f58d8b99215c9176d061ba1ea1a7ff5d.jpg

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