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+in terms of marketing I guess it would be cool to make videos featuring : 

1) explaining to cs / current cod players what battalion is - card system, cod's movement, cs's gamemode, oldschool, moding , esport, ww2 etc.

2)video in which  CoD2/CoD4 '"legends" like mazarini, qLimAxzU, phantasy ofc and few more talks why battalion is awesome and is  succesor to these good old PC Call of duty. In there might be some shots of their best actions during lans and footage of battalion's gameplay.

3) I ain't sure if you know Polish youtube well so here are some most popular polish streamers/players. Their youtube channels have between 0,4 to over 1,5 milion subscribers. They often post videos from Cs GO and CoD so I guess they should like Battalion.  Might be good idea to send them a key to promote a game. If only 1/2 of them will make few episodes about battalion - 70% of polish players will find out about game.








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