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LFT Top Tier EU/PC Team

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I am Jack "Sparxo", I formerly have played CS:GO, Battlefield 4 and Rainbow Six Siege at Semi-Professional and Professional levels.

Age : 20

Country : France, languedoc-roussillon

Born English preferably looking for ENG speaking team. 

Looking for a team that is 100% committed as I will be playing the game everyday 10 hours a day.  

I am currently looking to transfer over to Battalion. I last played on Sadboys in R6 along side A1GA. I have recently decided to change from R6 due to the large amount of game issues and the lack of support towards the competitive scene. I have a history in Rainbow Six from entry fragging and aggressive play as well as I can IGL, also know for being a clutch situation player.

Few old clips from Rainbow Six Siege : https://streamable.com/7k1j5

DM me on twitter or discord or add me on steam

Twitter : @AWildSparxo

Discord : Sparxo#6035


ESL : https://play.eslgaming.com/player/10428969/

Thanks, Sparxo


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