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My life is revolving around this game since half a year.

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What a bizarre thread title one may think? :)
Greetings to all the people who are  a part of this great community and of course  deep bows to the Bulkhead Interactive developers - if this game will be as big as CS:GO in terms of esports, then you can be aware of the fact, that you have changed my life by 180 degrees. I play under the nickname "maul" and used to play as "burakishow" when COD4 promod leagues were at its finest. 
I have seen many visions in my dreams - visions where I play a game that looks similar to COD2/4 on stage in front of a big crowd in one of those great arenas - I keep thinking about becoming a professional player in Battalion 1944 and things related to that most of time - that's probably a reason why I keep seeing those.
I always wanted to become a "pro" in an FPS game since I was 15, that was the time when I came upon COD4 promod. I have been playing in many leagues and online tournaments, sadly I was doing that half-assedly (pangs of conscience remain till this very day) because I knew I won't have an opportunity to attend offline events ( my parents didn't wanted to support their son "sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours/day").
Now an opportunity is coming, I am financially independent, I can fully devote myself and my free time besides work so one day I can become full-time paid player for one organisation.
I hope I my dream will come true :)
Many of you may think, that this is a bit out of earth, but I can feel in my guts that I am capable and determined enough to achieve something if I sacrifice enough time.
Again, it is a pleasure for me to meet you all, I hope all of you are in such a big enthusiasm as me!

me pro

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7 minutes ago, Ray said:

Welcome to the community @maul :D

Thank you very much. I have been around here since april, reading everything that mattered for me (almost everything :D), but I decided that this is the time to get involved and contribute.

I forgot to add one thing in my thread starting post (now I cannot edit it somehow) - I have been super unlucky as I found out Battalion 1944 just 2 days after Humble Bundle packages sell was over. I was so pissed...

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