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Scope Diffrence

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IDK if this is just me but i've been liking more the Scoped Lee-Enfield.

it's just because the Scoped Kar98k in CoD2 has the large crosshair which i really can't shoot enemies with  , the Lee-Enfield in the otherhand is better in my oppinion in vision

And gives a better idea what's going on in my opinion , i don't feel comfortable with the Kar98k just because of the Large Crosshair , what i'm saying is that i don't really want a large crosshair in my screen for example , in CS:GO you could change your scope thickness , with this command "cl_crosshair_sniper_width"

In my oppinion this would feel better for me , and maybe other people too , at the end it comes down to preference jsut like the viewmodel placement.

Feel free to give your reaction on this ( it's only a disgussion ;) ).

(OH yeah one thing the Springfield has also a smaller crosshair.)


Schermopname (5).png

Schermopname (13).png

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I think it didnt matter even in CoD2, since the enemies are usually so close in small maps like in these games, maybe in battlefield thick crosshair would be a disadvantage. Its more like an visual difference but didnt effect in any way. I liked the springfield most in CoD2 but its all just a visual look and the sound, didnt effect my accuracy one bit. And its good to have different looking/feeling weapons, not every scope needs to look the same. Just make em atleast a bit historically accurate.

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hmm I think eventually different scopes will have their unique looks to give them their own identity so you could tell which weapon it is right away. additionally, some options to slightly customise it would be nice, but not a big deal for me personally as long as it’s simple, clear and black around the scope like in most cod games and cs. 

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