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Casual Matchmaking Filters

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Not in alpha so I don't know how it currently works but...

I'd like to see matchmaking filters work now, but I'd like to see map filtering. (and other filters other than just game mode)
Something like Rocket League where you can select which maps you like and don't like.
Its not going to get it right 100% of the time but it should improve your experience.

It really bugs me COD doesn't do this with their matchmaking.
Their defense is "If we allow map filtering nobody will play some of the maps, and some people like those maps. Those are good maps too, people just need to give them a chance."
..and to that, no they're not. COD devs make bad maps all the time. And instead of reworking them and fixing them like other games might do, they instead spend their time defending their bad designs, forcing the majority of players who dislike them play on them to please a small minority. It makes for a bad experience.

But this is a big reason why I prefer a server browser. Because then I can find a server that only runs maps I like. Admin/Mod controls to kick/ban toxic/cheaters.
But matchmaking can be beneficial as well, if its done well. 

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