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Matchmaking Ping Max.

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Could it be a good idea to have a setting where you could decide such as maximum ping , example maximum 70 ping , this could avoid the latency between every player , so no more 200 ping people who teleport around

, I don't know if this alrighty exists sorry for my bad english :D

Love you <33

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15 hours ago, qozmyox said:

maximum 70 ping is not a good idea , even in EU some countries struggle to get 70(like some parts of Russia or Spain/Portugal etc ). 150 sounds good.

That was just an example, I would suggest that the user can decide on the minimum ping himself, like in CS:GO (mm_dedicated_search_maxping "80").

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We're talking about the competitive side  , on custom servers there shouldn't be a problem , but it's really anoyying if you got killed by someone who has like the latency stutters , and is teleporting around in the map , or got somehow killed behind a wall , when you had cover.. 

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Bad grammar ;)

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I just bought the bundle, and it will download overnight whilst i sleep (I cant bear seeing DLs @ ~600KB/s when i should be seeing over 2MB/s :S (no NBN ere yet!))

I too would like an answer from the devs, what they intend on this subject, because for the past roughly 10 years (since blops1 days) no dev in this genre has considered this (in the games ive tried), and ive had about enough of the latency rubbish... i had better gaming back when ADSL first came out and i was on 2x64k channels of ISDN !!!!!

its is the key part of the game for realism.. we are NOT 3 toed sloths :S

PUBG has ignored it, and hidden everything related to this so nobody can see what the truth is..

I hope all that hype on the steam page will one day includes this subject, it will attract a lot more people if this issue is pushed...

i wouldnt mind seeing 150ms max either, it allows Aussies and NZr's to play together as the average there used to be about 110-120ms (which i dont like but i cant have everything!)... any other country was over at least 200ms

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