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A very important point regarding video settings (aspect ratio) - DEVS TAKE NOTE

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Hi folks, after grinding the CoD scene for almost 15 years, and now playing CS for like 7-8 months (with off and on again periods) I have a very important request (if its still NOT in the game).

in CoD1/2/4 there is "Auto" aspect ratio mode which means the game scales any under native (doesnt matter if its 4:3 / 5:4 / 16:10) resolution u pick to a 16:9 fullscreen (and any smearing or loss of detail is on the picker of course) .

in CS however, if u go with a 4:3 reso (lets say 1024x768) , u can either pick to play STRETCHED or true 4:3 (with 1:1 mouse movement on x & y axis) with BLACK BARS on the side, I personally , no matter how hard I tried, couldnt get used to the stretched scaling because aiming feels super weird and both me and anything that's in my fov moves FASTER , to players who played like that for years it may seem ok and normal but for me it is absolutely unplayable and it forces me to play on blackbars to get that 1:1 & normal movement feeling. I dont know how many players in csgo have issues regarding this subject but for me it was a huge disappointment.

I sincerely hope your video settings are CoD based and not Source engine based (or anything close to that) I want to be able to scale my 1024x768 resolution (which I play on every multiplayer competitive game since I started using my 1st PC) to a normal 16:9 fullscreen without having to stretch it.


and if its already included, forgive me for the long read


tl;dr : Include "Auto" aspect ratio in Battalion instead of forcing players to stretch or putting Blackbars on their 4:3 resolutions! (again, if not already included)

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